First Bus & Stagecoach - Solent Area

We are the bus drivers here in the Solent area for First Bus and Stagecoach. We are fed up of all the people parking vehicles in Bus Stops and Bus Lanes.

It is hard enough to simply drive a bus around the bus routes that we have without having to manoeuvre around parked vehicles that should not be there. (People do not realize that insurance companies do not cover vehicles parked in Bus Lanes or Bus Stops).

We have decided to start making this gallery showing vehicles that are parked in Bus Lanes and Bus Stops. We are also going to leave the website open so that the Hampshire Police can view and use as evidence if they see fit to do so.

Our main goals are to help bus drivers and other road users with an easier commute. Also to reduce the amount of accidents involving vehicles illegally parked.

Solent Bus Drivers.

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