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Follow the 4 steps below to increase traffic to your site or sites.

4 Simple steps: If you follow the 4 simple steps below you will soon be receiving 150k hits per month. Best of all, it's completely free.

Step 1

Simply join all the sites listed.

  • Register a new email account unless you have one for Te's
  • Join ALL the sites
  • Move on to the next Step

Steps 2 - 3

Step 2 shows how to set up an autoresponder and Step 3 how to create a capture (squeeze) page.

  • Auto responder
  • Capture page
  • Move on to the next Step

Step 4

Gain entry to your Backoffice and receive codes for your autoresponder.

  • Receive login info to your office
  • Set up your T.E Tutor Backoffice
  • Receive final info to make your system work

Step 1: Traffic Exchanges & Safelists

Join All The Free Traffic Exchanges Below that you are not a member of and we'll Show you our 150K Hits/Month Method Free!
First you will want to Bookmark this page in your Favorites because it is unlikely that you will be able to join them all in one session, and you may need to come back.
Note: If you are already a member of some exchanges below, skip them, but make sure you join all of them as our method is a science down to the last hit exchange on this list.

A Very Important step before you join the Traffic Exchanges below is to have a good email address available! Yahoo and Hotmail are not very reliable for Traffic Exchanges and Safelists and often put good emails in the Spam folder. We recommend Gmail or an email provided free by your Internet Service Provider. If you use Yahoo or Hotmail or any other similar email, be prepared to not receive emails from TEs to activate your accounts. We warned you! With Gmail, you can use filters to make sure that your good emails never end up in the spam folder.

When joining the Traffic Exchanges below, some of them will ask you to provide a URL upon joining. Use the URL of something you are or were promoting for now until you have your own unique Capture page URL in Step 3.

Ok, now we will add that it may take you a few days to join them all and that's normal and that's where we'll see if you really want to succeed online. Also use the same username for all the programs when possible to make this easier to recall your login info. Write down your username, ID and affiliate URL for each TE in a Word document or spreadsheet for future reference.

For your passwords, you could download RoboForm. RoboForm is software that will let you create high-security passwords on the fly for the programs you are joining or simply store your existing passwords. It will let you save your passwords (in encrypted format) to facilitate the process of loging in later on. This will prove VERY useful when you are a member of many programs. Download RoboForm Here.

(Clicking a link will open in a new window so you don't lose focus of this list)

I invite you to join the traffic exchanges and safelists listed below:



Setting up your autoresponder properly is quite a long process but well worth the effort.


TrafficWave is free for the first 30 days, joining their affiliate opportunity will get you more than this cost.

Follow Instructions

We will tell you exactly how to set up your autoresponder.


The following section will tell you how to set up your autoresponder, then you will be emailed the URL to your backoffice where the final setup will be explained.

Step 2: Autoresponder

1. Setting up your TrafficWave autoresponder

With this system, you will need an autoresponder. An autoresponder is essential if you want to build your own personal list. TrafficWave is one of the best autoresponders available to Internet marketers. In addition, its payplan is nothing short of amazing. Click Here to Join TrafficWave.

2. Affiliate Opportunity

Once you have joined TrafficWave, log into your TrafficWave account and you will be presented with a screen where you will be asked if you are interested in the affiliate opportunity. YOU MUST CHECK THE BOX TO ANSWER YES TO THAT QUESTION. Answer the other questions on the page. This screen will not appear again once you have answered all the questions (there are only two or three). It is very important that you do this step before going any further, as this will allow you to earn commissions.

3. Creating your Campaign

Here you need to create a campaign or if it sounds better to you, an Autoresponder series for this business... You have unlimited Autoresponders with TrafficWave but you'll need only 1 to use this system.
a) When you first login, you will be in the Back Office Home.
b) Click on AutoResponder Campaign Manager.
c) On the AutoResponder System - Overview page, click on Create New Campaign.
d) In the New Campaign Nickname field, type tetutor.

3a. Creating Your Campaign Cont.

e) In the New Campaign Description field, type TE Tutor.
f) Click on the Verify my nickname button.
g) If you're satisfied, click on the Move to Step 2 button.
h) On the Step 2 of 5 page (Add Your Signature Tokens), enter your name, your Return E-mail Address (that's any email address where you want your subscribers to contact you if they have questions), and, in the Campaign Title field, enter Discover How to Get a Flood of Referral Notifications. Don't worry about the other optional fields. Then click on the Move to Step 3 button.
i) On the Step 3 of 5 page, check the box next to Use the postal address from my Member Profile. If you have entered your address in your profile, the fields will populate automatically when you check that box. If not, enter your address in the appropriate fields. Then click on the Move to Step 4 button..

3b. Creating Your Campaign Cont.

j) On the Step 4 of 5 page (Define Campaign Data to be Collected), make sure Name (single field) is checked (email is mandatorily checked), then click on the Move to Step 5 button.
k) On the Step 5 of 5 page (Notification of Subscriptions), check the box next to Send me an email when someone confirms their subscription to this Campaign if you want to receive an email every time someone subscribes to your list.
l) Below that, where it says Customize Your Confirmation Message, in the text field, delete the text and enter this instead: Once you have confirmed your email address, you will get access to our TE Tutor website to start building your TE downlines! Then read what's in the pink box and check the box next to I have read and agree to the above requirements and click on the Finish button.
m) On the next page, click on the Great! Take me to the Letters Tab button.

4. Inserting your Autoresponder Messages

TE Tutor provides you with a series of pre-written follow-up letters that will automatically be sent to your subscribers on your list at set intervals. These instructions will be explained in your TE Tutor backoffice (We don't want to give away all our secrets in an open website). Look out for the Inserting your Autoresponder Messages instructions in your Backoffice.


Step 3: Creating Your Capture (Squeeze) Page

At this point, you will need to create your capture page to get subscribers to your list. You can use EasyHits4U for this purpose. EasyHits4U is a very effective traffic exchange with lots of members, and is highly recommended. Among the tools provided, you will find a squeeze page creator that you can use. Click Here to Join EasyHits4U if you haven't done so already.

Finding the squeeze page creator in EasyHits4U

Inside your EasyHits4U account, scroll down in the left menu until you find Easy Splash Builder (under the "My Tools" menu). Click on the green Add new splash page button.
You will need to get your TrafficWave Capture Form HTML to insert the form in your squeeze page for people to join your list. Go to your TrafficWave account and make sure you are in your tetutor campaign that you created in Step 2 (the name will be written in red and highlighted in yellow near the top of the page). To find your tetutor campaign, click on Autoresponder in the top menu and then click on tetutor in the list of campaigns (Click any of the dropdown options). Then put your mouse over Capture Pages/Forms in the TrafficWave top menu, then click on Capture Forms. Click on Get HTML Code. Then left click, then right click your mouse to copy the code. Go to your squeeze page creator and paste the code at the appropriate place by left clicking your mouse and pasting. Your subscribe form should now appear in your squeeze page template. In EasyHits4U, you need to click on the <> button first to see your HTML code. That is where you will paste your autoresponder code. Then click on the Ok button to come back to your editor. Click on the Update button at the bottom to save your new page.

Writing Your Squeeze Page Content

Picture yourself as a teacher and you are looking for students to teach for free. You offer your free services to help them build their online business. Your offer is so good already that who in their right mind wouldn't want to be taught by you so don't hype up everything because it will look too suspicious. Just the fact that you will teach them for free is already very powerful on its own. Now don't go thinking that you lack the knowledge to be a teacher. The steps I wrote will actually teach them how to setup the system and the only thing left for you will be to give them support when they get stuck in a Step (and you can always ask me for help too if you're not sure what to answer!). In addition to your teaching, emphasize on the fact that they will grow their traffic and get a constant flow of referrals that will grow their TE downlines. Don't focus too much on the money-making aspect, as there are plenty of biz opps out there already. As you get more and more subscribers and referrals in the various programs that are part of this system, your income will grow naturally. You don't have to push that part too much. Write "in your own words"... NEVER copy me or someone else! It's not worth it. .

Step 4: Final Things To Do


Preparing Browsers

Preparing Firefox/Chrome etc. Firefox/Chrome etc. has the ability to open multiple sites and windows inside a single browser window by using tabs at the top. They can handle multiple monitors and has tab status indicators. Annoying pop ups can also be removed automatically! They also have many plugins available, and nice features are already embedded, such as safely remembering your passwords (you can set a master password to protect all your other passwords), a cool search on the page functionality that finds the words you are looking for as you type them, etc. Other browsers also offer the multi-tab setup, but most of them require Internet Explorer to work, so they are vulnerable to the same flaws. Firefox/Chrome is more secure than Internet Explorer as it is less prone to adware and spyware. Firefox/Chrome have a feature that allow you to save any combination of URLs as a group. Open Firefox/Chrome and in the place where you normally type in website addresses (address bar at the top), copy and paste your surf (or start) page URL for any TE (which you have joined in Step 1) and press the "Enter" key to load the URL. You will then see the login page loading. (Some programs load the surf page automatically while others require you to login before starting your surf session.) Now click on [ File --> New Tab ] to open a new tab (or press Control-T). Copy and paste the surf (or start) page URL of another TE into the address line and again press the "Enter" key. Notice that you now have two tabs open at the top of your browser and that you can quickly navigate between windows by clicking on the tabs located at the top of each window. For example, if you want to go back to the first window, click on the tab to the far left. Now open the surf (or start) page for each of the next 8 exchange programs on the list in its own new tab (just repeat the steps above). Don't forget to hit "Enter" after you've typed in each URL. After you have those 10 separate windows open, right-click on one of the tabs for Firefox and just to the right of the last tab for Chrome, then click on the "Bookmark All Tabs" option in the menu that will appear. Name the group "StartPages1-10" (or something different if you prefer) and click on "Add Bookmarks". Now, close the browser window. Then repeat the process with the next 10 exchanges on the list on the Step 1 page. Name this group "StartPages11-20". Repeat the process until you have grouped all the traffic exchanges in Step 1.


To Start Surfing

After you have all your groups set up, you can start the Firefox/Chrome Browser and simply click to open all of the pages in either of the groups automatically through the "Bookmarks" option on the top menu. Just click on "Bookmarks", then select "StartPages1-10" and "Open All in Tabs" (in the window that pops up on the right). When the pages finish loading, begin clicking for hits by alternating between the tabs! Don't forget to also alternate between groups. For example, one day I'll click on Group 1 exchanges, then I'll do Group 2 exchanges the following day, etc. Or you can do more than one group per day if you have the time (it is recommended to surf at least 1 hour per day). The more you surf, the sooner you will see results! You should surf at least 100 pages in each TE before changing groups so as to accumulate the most bonus credits possible. When the TEs you want to surf are all open in their own tabs, you should make sure that the surf page for each TE is the one that you see. To open the surf pages, log into each exchange and locate the link or button that says "Surf Now", or "Start Surfing". To earn credits, simply click on the matching icon. If you clicked on the correct icon, you will see that it says that you earned your credits. If you clicked on the incorrect icon, you will see that they will let you know also!) If you have a slow connection and/or not very powerful computer, opening 10 pages at the same time may be too much. In this case, create more groups of fewer pages until your computer is running smooth enough to load all of each group's pages efficiently. You can set your own daily hit target according to your connection speed and time limits. Even without any referrals, working 10 or more Start Page exchanges at once using this method allows you to generate a large amount of traffic to your website. However, adding the traffic you can generate by sharing this method with referrals is the way to generate major streams of free traffic. That's what you'll be able to achieve by using this system. To speed up the process of gathering credits from tab to tab, use the CTRL+PageDown combination key to move forward from tab to tab in Firefox/Chrome. Do Not Underestimate Traffic Exchanges! With the right setup, they will deliver you a steady flow of traffic and signups as your downlines in them grow. 90% of my income is a result of Traffic Exchanges Only! In Traffic Exchanges, you will be asked what URL Web address you want to promote: Use your capture page URL you did in Step 3 for best results instead of the one you set in when you joined the TEs. Go update your URL in each Traffic Exchange for your Capture Page if you didn't do it already.


To Recap

People visit your capture page (squeeze page) and subscribe on your form... Upon submitting, they are sent to your TE Tutor URL to begin Step 1 and join your Traffic Exchanges and other programs and in the next Step, they are invited to join your TrafficWave to start their autoresponder. By joining your traffic exchange list page, your downlines start growing yielding you more and more referral credits as your students surf. In addition, when they buy credits or upgrade in TEs, or when they join your other programs, your income starts to grow and you are happy, so are they! I suggest that for the first 2 weeks you devote 100% of your credits earned in the TE's to promoting your TE Tutor squeeze page. After that change the ratio to 50/50 with the URL you were promoting before joining TE Tutor.

If you came directly to TE Tutor

If you came to TE Tutor without going through a Traffic Exchange or Safelist, you will have to fill out this form to receive the link to your TE Tutor backoffice. The first email you will receive will give you this webpages URL, the second email will give you the URL of your backoffice:-
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